vacation from vacation

I am attending a baby shower and, hopefully, the 54th Annual Ginza Festival today. Expect pictures.

I haven’t been home the last three weekends so it was nice being lazy and sleeping in my own bed last night. Considering the amount of time I spent away from work in July — for my staycation during the week of July 4th, the trip to Ohio for Christine and Marshall’s wedding, BlogHer ’09, or to see Olivia and Emmanuel get married last week — I don’t feel rested at all.

Which must mean I am in need of another vacation, post-haste.

I have this idea that I want to take Megabus to Minneapolis, so I can check out the state fair (butter sculptures! baby animals! food on sticks!), for Labor Day Weekend. Or maybe Amtrak to Memphis (barbecue! music! warm weather!) to visit Graceland? But more importantly, can I interest anybody in coming with?


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