Sally’s Shower

onesies galore
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Sally’s baby shower! It was so fun. Lunch for 20 ladies (and one baby) at Il Mulino, a sweet Italian restaurant in the Gold Coast.

Sally’s friend Dawn, who organized the shower, sent all the guests plain cotton onesies to decorate. We presented them to Sally, who loved the surprise. Here they are all laid out for everybody to enjoy. I won’t tell you which one is mine, though I will say I wished mine had come out better than it did. I advised Sally that she shouldn’t be surprised if a makeup onesie turns up on her desk at work some time soon.

We didn’t play any traditional shower games, just drank mimosas, ate a delicious lunch, and oohed and aahed while Sally opened gifts. Most of us bought gifts from the registry, so there were loads of toys and decorations that matched the nursery’s jungle theme.

A few gifts paid tribute to Sally’s husband’s Michigan roots, including one package of cherry-themed stuff (he grew up in Traverse City, the “Cherry Capital of the World”) and a huge box of University of Michigan apparel. There was even a Michigan flag for the baby’s stroller!

My co-worker Julie brought her baby son Luke. Luke is about 10 months old and is adorable. He was an utter delight and the hit of the party. Everybody loved his chubby cheeks (see them here) and cheerful, laidback demeanor.

Julie also did the pencil test, where you predict the sex of the baby by holding a thread, at the end of which is a pencil (the thread is threaded through a paperclip jammed into the pencil’s eraser end) which swings (boy) or circles (girl) over the belly of the expectant mother. Julie said so far she’s 4 for 4, so we all leaned in and saw the pencil swing in a circle over Sally’s belly. It’s a girl! According to the pencil, anyway.

After the shower, Cynthia very kindly drove me to the Old Navy on North Avenue so I could buy more sundresses. I bought one, a black cotton with smocking around its Empire waist. I think it looks cute. I try not to think about my upper arm fat when I wear it. I thought about going to the Ginza Festival, but the heat drove me towards home where I could enjoy air-conditioning and a marathon of “Toddlers & Tiaras” on TLC.

Update: In case you were wondering, this is what I wore on what was a very hot day:


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