i like to watch: “District 9”

I went to a screening (thanks, Capone!) of District 9. It was amazing. I loved it. I feel like I say that a lot about movies that I see, but I really did. Neither Alissa (who was at the screening, too, along with Jon, Elisa, Nite, and Jeff) nor I knew what to expect but we figured it would have to be worth watching. Whenever Capone’s screened a movie and said that he thought it was great (“Moon”, “Humpday”), I liked it a lot too. Is that great minds thinking alike? I think so.

I don’t want to give too much away, but there are links at the bottom for your investigation. The director, Neill Blomkamp, and star, Sharlto Copley, did a Q&A with Capone afterwards. They talked about a lot of things, from the insanity of screening the film at Comic-Con to how much the movie cost. When Neill said it cost $30 million to make, everybody burst into applause. Neill was surprised but the movie looked more expensive than it actually was. Perhaps other spendthrift directors could take a cue?

There was also some talk about Halo, which Neill had been hired to direct before the project was ultimately scuttled (by Fox, apparently, if Neill’s choice words about them are any indication). It’s possible that Halo could have been huge but I’m glad he got to do District 9 as his first feature length movie.

Guys (believe me, it was really just guys — I saw a lot of women in the audience but I don’t know if too many had their hands up for questions, and Capone only called on one anyway) who asked good questions were rewarded with t-shirts. One dude who utterly stumped Neill with the devastatingly simple question about the name of the alien race in the movie got a print of the mothership, drawn by a designer whose name I didn’t catch, but I think it might be this guy, signed by Peter Jackson. Everybody else got to wait while we retrieved our cameras from security, who were all very dapper and dressed in suits.

Oh, and Elisa and I got into it a little with Jon over Avatar — which is one of many movies I refer to as “Dude, Where’s My Asian?” — and the oeuvre of James Cameron. Sure, he made Titanic (I can feel my eyes rolling as I type) but he did make Aliens and the Terminator movies. So I guess it all evens out. I will probably see it



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