blue & orange

  • Michael Jackson: Still dead
  • Bernie Madoff: Still a crook, and he got sentenced to 150 years in prison!
  • Jasmine: Still awesome.

I’ve changed LoudTwitter settings so that daily posts don’t include every single update from my Twitter stream, just the ones with a #lt tag appended to the end. Now let’s see if I actually remember to do that.

I went to the Taste of Chicago last night with (deep breath) @chicagocarless, @chicagocarless’s friend Matt (who is now my friend), @Eukadanz, @alissas, and @abellwillring. I made everybody try on the RolLens I got at the eye doctor. Pictures are in my Flickr stream — below is a shot of @Eukadanz as The Terminator or Yoko Ono, depending on how you see it:

Terminator Elisa

Is that The Terminator or Yoko Ono?


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