too darn hot

It’s really too hot to do anything except run around in The Crown Fountain or go anywhere except an air-conditioned movie theater or eat anything except an Italian ice or drink anything but Pimm’s cup.

The outfit pictured above is what I’m wearing today. Only the real life version is topped with a short-sleeve gray cardigan, the purpose of which is to: 1. protect against air conditioning at the office, and 2. conceal fat upper arms. Also, I don’t own an iron so I’m a little wrinklier in person.

I tried to find a clip of Ann Miller singing “Too Darn Hot” in “Kiss Me Kate” but all YouTube seems to have is a lot of high school and amateur productions. I think the link below works. If not, just imagine Ann Miller singing and dancing in a fringed costume while fanning/spanking herself with a hand-held fan.

too darn hot!


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