Andrew @ The Twisted Baker

Andrew @ The Twisted Baker

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I don’t get to see Andrew often, so it was a rare treat to spend Friday evening in his company.

We’d originally intended to see a movie and then have dinner, or was it dinner than a movie?

In any case, we just had dinner, but what a treat. Escargots and steak frites (for me) and steak au poivre (for him) at Bistrot Margot, followed by a quick stop at The Fudge Pot so Andrew could bring home some fudge for Rozi and Nathan, then a final stop at The Twisted Baker to enjoy some croissants and cookies. Delicious.

I can’t imagine eating like this more than once in a while. Ah, the restrained pleasure of being in one’s thirties. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go get my cholesterol checked.


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