thursday, schmursday

  • Forget Joe the Plumber, here’s Cho the Plumber [angry asian man]
  • Also, the United Association already endorsed Obama back in January. I dig how this memo starts out “Dear Brothers and Sisters”. [UA]
  • So can I start a Facebook group called “Messy Folks for Obama”? [slashdot, via]
  • Congratulations, Leanne! [Project Rungay]

Saw Death Note 2 last night. Not as fun as the first movie, but I still have love for L and the duelling shinigami.

On the way home, caught up on debate- and election-related tweets. Twitterrific is my new commuting pal. Though I wish there was an easier way to retweet. Don’t suppose there’s a Tweetdeck for Iphones yet?

New purse. Love it. But then, don’t I always have a new purse that I rhapsodize about? Anyway, I’ll be making a rather large clothing and accessory donation to the Brown Elephant soon.

Fun folks to follow on Twitter (besides me): @moryan (Maureen Ryan, aka “The Watcher”), @sheldoncooper (character from CBS tv series The Big Bang Theory) and @jpgardner (editor, Donklephant).


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