Disgrasian Does Denver

Okay. I understand that title may be a bit distasteful, but I am trying to alert you to the fact that Diana is in Denver for DNC ’08. She’s blogging! She’s tweeting! So show a sista some love and check it out.


Follow DISGRASIAN™ on Twitter at twitter.com/disgrasian.

Oh, and KRS-1 (my friend, not the rapper — I’m gonna give this alias thing a try) got me a totally sweet (pink!) Obama t-shirt. She nabbed some swag during a recent visit to see our pal WDB at Obama campaign headquarters. The way KRS-1 describes it, the swag closet at Obama HQ sounds like the accessories closet at Vogue, a collection of the best and most wonderful Obama apparel, accessories and miscellaneous goods one could ever want. Would love to see it myself in person, hint hint.

And in case you missed it, Michelle Obama’s speech from last night. It was pretty incredible. Yes, I admit it, I teared up.


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