my awesome day with kathy

My awesome horoscope for today was:

You are often the one who starts the ball rolling and today is no exception. Your spirit of adventure is fully engaged and you are eager for new experiences — so see what kind of good trouble you can stir up!

So I did. Kathy and I tried to get brunch at Chicago’s Rosscoe’s, but there was an hour long wait. On such a fine day, I’d normally have no problems waiting but I could hear my stomach growling, so off to Wishbone we drove. Where I stuffed my face with some croissants stuffed with egg, bacon, spinach, and cream cheese. And cheese grits. Oh the cheese grits!

Afterwards — mani/pedis at Nail Spa ($27!), quick stop at Starbucks for iced tea, and then “Leatherheads”. Belated birthday fun for meeeeeeeee.


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