super tuesday: Obama-rama

Blondie vs. Brownie [Wonkette]: A bake sale at a Brooklyn polling place asks the very question all Democrats (and some crossovers from the GOP, maybe) are asking themselves as they vote today. Only, ya know, with baked goods. Democracy is delicious! Democrats are delectable!

My friend Jeff on why you should vote for Obama [Ramone Rants]: I would have embedded the video, but as this blog is hosted by WP, I’m not allowed. Waaah! I miss you, blogger!

Racialicious endorses Obama [Racialicious]: Read fabulous commentary from Carmen, Wendi, Fatemeh, and Latoya. Then come back and bug me about how I need to get back to submitting stuff to the site.

the decision is yours [Angry Asian Man]: AAM has already endorsed Obama, and has been great in providing links to coverage of the campaign with a focus on Obama and endorsements from Asian-Americans.


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