advent day 24: the drop-in

Yeah, I know I totally dropped the ball on the advent calendar but I got an assignment that had to be finished by the 19th, and there was no time. But I think this story, on how the Macy’s in Herald’s Square has been open since Friday at 7:00 am, is pretty interesting reading:

Mr. Negron and other shoppers, many of whom said they worked night shifts, seemed appreciative, even downright grateful, that one of the city’s busiest stores was reaching out to their often-overlooked demographic: night-owl procrastinators. They disputed the old saw about the city that never sleeps.

“You can’t go shopping,” Mr. Negron said of New York’s usual nighttime options. “Sometimes when you get out of work there is nothing open. Do you know how many times I’ve bought my wife birthday presents at Walgreens or Eckerd? It’s embarrassing. It’s either that or go to the Village, and what am I going to get, a bong?”

Just Don’t Expect Them At the Early-Bird Sale [NYT]


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