Advent day 8: DVD-Day

A list of movies I’ve always wanted other people to buy me

  • Paris Is Burning: I first saw this when I was fifteen and spending a lot of time with Kim at her local video store. I think she used to work there or something, but she had a milk crate to sit on. I think I may have asked one of the guys to go to prom with me, but he may have been unavailable, gay, or both. I don’t remember why he went. BUT ANYWAY: this movie defines fierceness. If I ever went to graduate school, it would probably be in cinema studies so I could write my dissertation on this movie.
  • Metropolitan: What it’s like to be an outsider on the Upper East Side, or anywhere else. So I’m not a white red-headed boy from the Upper West Side trying to fit in with a bunch of post-boarding school socialites and various hangers-on, but sometimes I feel in my soul of souls that I am, in fact, Tom Townsend.
  • The West Wing – The Complete Series Collection: I kept watching, even after series creator Aaron Sorkin left to… do whatever. I don’t remember why he left, but what’s important is that the magic and the snark and the pedi-conferencing didn’t leave when he did. Also, Bradley Whitford? Adorable.
  • Viva Pedro: The Almodóvar Collection: If I even have to explain it, then there’s something wrong with you. Or you just need to see this work.
  • Eclipse Series 6 – Carlos Saura’s Flamenco Trilogy (Blood Wedding / Carmen / El Amor Brujo): I’d want it just for Carmen, which was the best movie I was ever made to watch for high school Spanish (followed closely by El Norte).
  • Strangers on a Train: The perfect mix of hilarious and scary. Okay, maybe scary not so much as suspenseful. Seriously — the scene with the tennis match where all the spectators’s heads are moving, following the ball, except for Bruno’s, who’s fixated on Guy?

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