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The Queen of Uno
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Jeff and Nite had me over for Thanksgiving dinner, which was awesome. We ate, talked smack, played Uno, talked more smack, watched the Tab™ episode of “The Sarah Silverman Program”, talked even more smack, and then saw “The Mist”. Which I enjoyed, but still only gets a B from me.

What am I thankful for? That I was able to spend the day with two great guys. Also, that my piece is in Time Out Chicago as of yesterday. Hurray!

  • Homeless for the Holidays [I, Ramone]
  • two guys, a girl, and a turkey [flickr™ – Jasmine]
  • Thanksgiving 2007 [flickr™ – Jeff]
  • The mostest for the hostess [TOC]
  • “The Mist” [IMDb]
  • “The Sarah Silverman Program”: Muffin’ Man [IMDb]

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