Ugly shoes, squirrels, and red ribbons

  • Ugly Shoes: A Brief History — I love the Shopping section of New York’s web site for inspired lists like this. Okay, maybe you don’t think it’s inspired, but I do. Also, while I enjoy this list, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve owned, worn, and (worst of all) enjoyed three of the styles. Can you guess which ones? [NYM]
  • is featuring oodles of adorable new items. Which is their usual bag, I know, but the newest batch are so cute I could just lie down and die. Check out: a lint brush that looks like a squirrel; lip balm in the shape of petits fours; a tea light holder in the shape of a camp fire. Squee! []
  • I was going through old imported links from browsers I used to use, and found a link to Nam Kim’s site. How could I forget about a designer who makes such cute-ass bags? Stupid me. I should rectify this injustice by ordering a bag immediately, maybe the Red Ribbon Bag. []

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