288: single file

I read E! Online’s “Watch with Kristin” column religiously every late Thursday night, right after I’ve read my fresh copy of US Weekly but before I floss for the night. It’s one of my favorite sources for television celebrity gossip, even if it reports late sometimes. I’ve noticed that I respond more to the real dirt from Kristin, like spoilers for my favorite shows, than when she tries to wax all poetic and get deep. For example, when she tries to break down “Sex and The City” (http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Kristin/Archive2004/040220.html). Just stick to the gossip, girl, and leave the ‘analysis’ to Salon (see http://www.salon.com/ent/tv/feature/2004/02/19/charlotte).

Likewise, I don’t get a lot of feedback from you people when I get all “introspective” (read: down on myself) and whatnot. Don’t you get the feeling sometimes, when you’re reading the flip front, that you’re reading the previously secret diary of that Goth girl who sat in the back of your junior year English class? Don’t front, I know you feel that way, because when I go back and read some of the old flip fronts, I feel that way, too.

So Tuesday Theresa and I went out for Indian food. She brought a bottle of red wine to Moti Mahal, and we spent a couple of hours gossiping about co-workers mostly. I think that if I ever left, I’d like an update in my exit interview of my co-workers’ romantic statuses. Who’s dating who, all that stuff. You know I would never date one of my co-workers, but not everybody I know abides by that rule. And don’t they ever. As Theresa and I recounted couplings past and present, my head reeled with the mental images of these folks and I got a bit of an upset stomach, actually.

So my next big idea is to start including movie reviews from friends of mine, just so I could drag Andrew to see “The Passion of The Christ” with me and then we can have a spirited argument about it afterwards, just for your entertainment.

My friend G has a great soap opera star name: Wallace Williams (that’s your middle name plus the name of the street you grew up on). I would have to be Angeles Eldert, wily Filipina housekeeper of all Landview’s secrets on G’s imaginary soap opera, “Moments of Our Existence”. He would be the Williams family scion and blacksheep while I would speak softly and carry a big mop. Please note that my soap opera star name is not to be confused with my porn star name, Squiggy Eldert (that’s childhood pet plus name of street).

I talked to S earlier this week about her wedding invitation designs, and the biatches she works with. It makes me sad to think that S is surrounded by total haters, but I’ve always felt she is especially good at dealing with the adversity that comes with working with people who are especially evil. On a happier note: wedding invite designs. Seema told me that my dream of eloping to Vegas for a quick wedding dressed in the perfect white Gucci tux with nothing but a huge bib of diamonds underneath was all well and good, but “weddings are all about family, Jasmine”.

But my family isn’t into big celebrations. They don’t like parties with strangers. While they show a great curiosity about my friends, Buddy and Arline not particularly hot to meet them. My dad will say he doesn’t want me to bring people out to dinner because he just wants it to be family and then spends the entire meal grilling me about “that nice Jewish boy” (Andrew) or “that pretty Indian girl” (S) or “that white girl who called Mommy on 9/11 just to make sure she was okay” (Nadine). I always tell him that these are the good friends I’ve made in the last, gosh, ten years, and if I could have brought Nadine to dinner, she could have told you herself. But no. Such is not the way of the elder Davilas.

Nick: What happened to “Mr. Oateses Noteses”?

Celi: Happy birthday!

Michael: Have a nice housewarming party. I will be bowling here in Chicago, but I will be in New Haven in spirit, drinking midori sours and trying to vogue in the corner.

Interpol – NYC; Mary J. Blige & Lauryn Hill – I Used to Love Him; Jay-Z – Justify My Thug (Grey Album version)



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