273: making the baby Jesus cry

She’s gone. Jacinda is gone, moved in with Joe and started her life as a soon-to-be-married hen. No more late night trips to Walgreen’s for lip gloss and glazed walnuts. No more Friday nights doing nothing but watching “Sex and The City” and chain-smoking and flipping through the University of Chicago Class of 1998 “pic book” to laugh at the girls we hated, the boys we loved, and everyone in between. No more goosing in the hallway when I’d bend over to tie my shoe or rub the dog’s head. No more roommate.

My new apartment is cozy, truly cozy without being too small. The bathroom is large enough to have a small dinner party in it, though the shower’s water pressure leaves much to be desired. I’m thinking of using the cabinet space in my kitchen to store my stationery, though I have a huge storage cubby in the basement for my own personal use. My new living room is filled with partially unpacked boxes. At my current unpacking rate, I should be completely finished by November 2005. And hopefully by then I’ll have acquired a couch.

The first thing I did in my new apartment, after three days of packing, cleaning, moving, screaming, singing, and smoking, was set up the TV and VCR and watch a few episodes of ‘Buffy’. I had laundry to do, my shoes to locate (it turns out I had thrown out some of them), and a shower to take, but I had to develop a moving-in ritual of my own. Buffy, a Hot Pocket, and I was good to go.

The moving would have gone a lot smoother had I actually done some stuff ahead of time like, you know, pack. Instead, I ran around and spent money I didn’t really have and had a great deal of irresponsible fun. I finally got to go to the Karaoke Restaurant with Andrew and Carly and it was a laff riot. Who knew Andrew had a thing for Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen”? Earlier in the day, we had all gone to see “Lost in Translation” with Foster, stuffed ourselves with crepes at La Creperie. Inspired by Bill Murray’s impassioned version of “What’s So Funny (‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding)”, we trekked up to the karaoke place, set ourselves up in the Marigold Room and went to town. It was so cool.

Back to the moving. A timetable, if you will.

Saturday, September 27: The electricity had been shut off about five days too early, and was supposed to come back on today. It didn’t, so I sat around and read instead of packing. Jacinda came over and we made a few lame attempts at packing. Once it got dark, Jacinda left for her baby-sitting gig and I packed a bag of clothes. It had been a few days since I had charged up my cell phone, so I was going to spend the night at her house doing that, and taking advantage of her digital cable and hospitality.

Sunday, September 28: I get up late, as does Jacinda, and we sit and watch a program about Mariah Carey on VH1. The dog is curled up the floor. Unfortunately, we have to leave this cozy scene and go back to the apartment and start packing/cleaning. In the car on the way over, I call Spanos and ask him to come by Monday night for anything I don’t get in my truck Sunday afternoon. He agrees, I breathe a sigh of relief, and start to whimper at all the crap I haven’t yet packed. Kathy arrives and packs my kitchen stuff, bless her.

I crack open some of the boxes Adrienne dropped off Friday night and start a disorganized packing frenzy. 1:00 – Kathy drives me to meet Matt D. at the U-Haul on Montrose & Cicero. After an hour-long wait, Matt and I get the truck, drive it to Foster’s, pick up Foster, drive to the apartment where Frank is waiting and we start flinging things at the truck. Adrienne helps with packing and everyone cracks wise at my enormous amount of crap:

  1. Bruce Lee boxing handpuppet
  2. Mickey Mouse ears with “Jasmine” embroidered on the back in yellow thread
  3. aqua flip-flops
  4. tons of makeup
  5. too many books

It took about 2 hours to move stuff from my room into the truck, and we didn’t even get everything. I had to take some time to take my bed apart, and a bookshelf. We drove over to the new place, and it took 10 minutes to unload everything. 10 minutes?! Matt D. drove the truck back to U-Haul, but not before getting a jumpstart for the battery from Adrienne’s car. A perfect end to the day.

Monday, September 29: I take the day off and head back to the old place to help Jacinda and Joe clean up before her movers arrive. Which they do, at 12:30 exactly. They’re kinda sort maybe cute in their sneakers and hooded sweatshirts. Or maybe that’s just my delirium talking. After they disappear with Jacinda’s stuff, I finish packing my shit and sit in my room looking at everything get dark. Lights are still out. Jeremy comes over to the old place for two more truckloads. Frank had just bought me dinner at Joy’s and brought over flashlights. After the first load, Maria came along and Frank had to ride in the back on the way back to the old place for the second load. Frank seemed to enjoy the ride, though we all were a bit tense when we pulled up in front of a cop car at Webster & Lincoln. The fuzz left us alone, and we proceeded along with the move.

Tuesday, September 30: The last day. This is it. No more fucking around. Jacinda and I still have to pack up the last of our kitchen stuff, clean out the bathroom.

We go to Joy’s for dinner and gossip about “Degrassi Junior High” for an hour, then stay up until 2am cleaning and we get Dan to come down and help in exchange for, well, not a pan of my (okay, Katharine Hepburn’s) semi-famous brownies, I’ll say that much. At 1am, our neighbor Diane burst out of her studio next door and yelled at us for smoking and taking three days to move and blah blah blah blah.

You’re probably tired of hearing about this. I’m kinda tired of talking about this. So that’s it. I’m moved, and maybe you are too. New address is below:

xxx West Shakespeare Avenue
Chicago, IL

Housewarming party is Saturday, November 8. Gifts are not necessary, but given that I accidentally threw out some of my shoes in the move the gift certificate to the Nine West outlet or Nordstrom Rack would not be thrown outta my bed for eating crackers, you know what I’m saying?

Sebastian & Andrew – happy belated birthdays. Everybody: back again next week.


Edina: I make the fabulous!..I make the crap into credible! I make the
dull into . . .
Patsy: Delicious!

Nine Below Zero – Eleven Past Eleven; Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Who’s Lovin’ You; The New Pornographers – Jackie; Bobby Darin – More; Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl?; Queens of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow



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