6: I see from your outfit that you are a cowboy

I had my one-year review with my boss yesterday, and we seemed to agree that I rock. Maybe it was all the M & M’s we were eating, but he seemed to think that I rock as much as I think I do. Basically, I’m a model citizen and employee. He didn’t say anything about money, but we’re going to chat about that on Thursday.

I think this is a good sign. If he hasn’t gotten the money thing worked out yet, that must mean that he’s working on getting me more, right? Hmm, we’ll see. This doesn’t rule out me leaving, but

I’ve put up about 3 columns since I last mentioned askauntjazzy.com, so if you want to read my old stuff, please do. It didn’t occur to me then, but I’m sorry to say that a lot of my old stuff is not nearly as funny as I thought it was. Maybe I have a better sense of humor now, but it’s so juvenile. I now have this weird feeling of suspicion, that my column was nothing more than filler for the Free Press. Argh. This is clearly a plea for flattery and compliments, so please, start sending your supportive e-mail asap.

I’ve decided to start putting together some prototypes of products that I think would do very well: chunky-style water and beer-flavored cigarettes, to start. Celi, I’m hoping that you will weigh in with your design expertise, as I’d really like to have it.

The rest of you, have a happy Wednesday and write back already.


And when I walk it’s a riot
You should see the commotion
A hundred people drowning in oceans inside me
(Liz Phair)


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